A Well-Rounded Individual

Software Engineer

An award winning iOS developer whose work has been featured in Oprah Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Business Insider, and more.

Business Leader

Built an app development business and a financial services company that handled millions of dollars in transactions.


Holds U.S. and E.U. passports. Speaks fluent English and German, intermediate Spanish, and is learning Georgian.


Has enjoyed playing everything from Bach to Brubeck since age seven.


An avid triathlete and soccer player. Played on the Cagliari F.C. youth pro team, the Florida State University club team, and the University of Chicago club team.


Apps Developed with Lukas Carvajal

Tip Yourself

Top 20 Finance App


Top Entertainment App in 14 Countries


Lacuna Open Build Hackathon Winner

Fraze Frame

A Photo Competition

Forget Me Not

Location-Based Reminders

News Hack

Access The Wall Street Journal For Free


Work History, Projects, and Education

iOS Engineer

Award Winning Software Developer

Product Manager

Leader - Builder - Visionary


An Interesting Man

  • Age 14

    Spreading His Wings

    In a small town outside of Philadelphia, he took a seat behind the yoke of a Cessna 172 and flew for the first time.

  • Age 15

    First Contract

    Cagliari Calcio; a prominent Italian soccer team, signed Carvajal onto their youth professional team.

  • Age 16

    First Concerto

    Carvajal learned Chopin's Concerto in C Minor and performed at a benefit concert to help raise over $14,000 for charity.

  • Age 18

    Olympic Distance Triathlete

    Carvajal won first place in his age group in Huntington's Olympic Triathlon and Flipany's 10k run. He also qualified for Triathlon Nationals.

  • Age 19

    Math in Berlin

    Seeking a challenge, Carvajal studied pure mathematics at the Free University of Berlin and fell in love with the startup scene of the city.

  • Age 20

    Apps By Lukas

    Not seeing the value in continuing university Carvajal set out to earn $10,000 to fund his own company. What started as a side hustle quickly turned into an app development company serving eary-stage startups in Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami.

  • Age 21

    Tip Yourself, Chicago

    Tip Yourself asked Carvajal to join as a co-founder after he slashed operating costs and took the 200 users they had to over 30,000 in his first three months working for them. They were awarded Best New App by Apple and ranked as a Top 20 Finance app on the Apple App Store.

  • Age 22

    Art in Europe

    Carvajal lived in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, and Paris for weeks at a time to explore art and design.


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